Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back and better than ever

Hey guys! I'm sure you've all been hopelessly lost without any updates from me in the past couple of weeks, but I have a good excuse! I've been playing though Dead Space 2 and playing the fuck out of League of Legends.
Let me get Dead Space 2 out of the way first, as I'm sure some of you are eagerly wanting to buy it.
I'll be perfectly honest with you. I was very dissappointed with Dead Space 2. I was soooo excited for it when I learned about it last year, but now, it just seems like a total let down.
The gameplay is tight and the atmosphere is great. But it just doesn't seem that scary anymore. EA recycles way to much of their scares, leaving you anticipating a lot of things. I played for maybe 3 hours on the second hardest difficulty and damn, I was halfway through. It's very entertaining, don't misunderstand me, but just don't go into it expecting a horror game like Amnesia.
I was playing a pirated copy so I didn't get the full multiplayer part, but you don't play a horror game for the multiplayer now do you.

So, my verdict? Definitely rent it, or pirate it if you're one of those faggots. And if you really can't get enough, support those devs and buy it.

And now league of legends.
There's not much I can really say about it. It's a simplfied (some would say dumbed down) version of the famous Warcraft 3 mod DotA.
If you haven't heard of either, DotA is a strategy game except the player controls only one unit. That player and 4 others go head to head against 5 otherI've played for a solid two months with some friends and I've had a great time. My only gripe is the community, brazillians. Yes the BR BR BR RB HUEHUEHEUEHUEHEUEHEUEHEU ones. They're absolutely horrible to play with. They trash talk and grief when they're losing. But if you can find a group of friends to play with I bet you'll have a good time.

Let's play vidya together!
Steam ID: The_breaker32

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Downloadable Crap

Ok, so this was about to be a neat little post about all the great looking games coming out this year, but then something caught my attention. Yeah DLC. And not just any DLC. The kind of DLC that devs release maybe...oh, 2 FUCKING DAYS AFTER THE GAME JUST HIT STORES? This just happened with Dead Space 2, with some lame ass DLC. But It also happened to Dragon Age. This kind of stuff is getting a little ridiculous. I'm all for new content for games, but the price that some companies make you pay for that stuff which might've taken the devs only a day or two to put together (I'm looking at you Call of Duty) is grossly disproportionate. I don't mind for paying for some DLC now and then, but Valve seems to now whats going on, with all the free game updates and whatnot. However then Mann Co. Update was a bit ridiculous and their trading thing kinda ruined Team Fortress 2 for me.
But in short, if devs want to have DLC then don't make the prices so steep, you've already made a lot of money from the game and the temptation of nice free DLC might entice more gamers to play the game and get the full experience. Also stop putting out DLC 2 days after the game releases when you could have just easily put it in with the entire game
What do you guys think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Game ideas

So I was doing a bit of thinking, rather than studying for upcoming tests and labs when I remembered this idea this one person had about a game idea. So here it is:
So you find yourself in this place, that you don't know how you got to or where it even is but there is this central figure in this area that seems. After you do a little exploran/platforman/fightan the level changes on you to some other level, but that guy still makes some kind of appearance in that level. Your character begins to assume that they're in some kind of dream world and that you've been sent to kill them. There are several area changes each focusing on a different aspect of the human mind (maybe). Your character slowly begins to slowly unravel, becoming more and more crazed in his desperation to kill this figure. Then in a sudden plot twist, when everything is too late you realize that this mysterious figure has actually been sent to kill you and has tricked you into doing the dirty work for him.

Its far from perfect and far from complete, but I feel like I need to put into actual words and then I'll work from there.
Tell me what you guys think and how it could get better. Please!


Many people have played Oblivion and I think Morrowind gets a lot of crap from people who have just played Oblivion. That was me. But the PC is a marvelous thing indeed and several mods let you make Morrowind FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. I mean hot damn. Look at that crap.
Now I know exactly what you're thinking, bullshit Jules, there is no fucking way you can make a game look like that. Trust me. This is for real.
You can get the full modlist/guide over here: http://knotstheinane.blogspot.com/p/morrowind-modding-guide.html
With that mod, Morrowind is definitely worth a reinstall. The only catch is, it doesn't fix the godawful combat system of Morrowind.
Happy gaming!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Creative title here)

Good evening lads and lasses! I'm Jules.
I'm a fencesitter. I think might've written three versions to this but yeah. Most of the time I'm never very sure what I think. Most of the time. What I am sure about though is that this is a blog about video games and stuff I like so stay posted. Its gonna get good.
I also like opinions, so give me opinions.