Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Creative title here)

Good evening lads and lasses! I'm Jules.
I'm a fencesitter. I think might've written three versions to this but yeah. Most of the time I'm never very sure what I think. Most of the time. What I am sure about though is that this is a blog about video games and stuff I like so stay posted. Its gonna get good.
I also like opinions, so give me opinions.


  1. Well, Mr. Jules, I'm looking forward to this interesting blog of vidya, and I'll be following you like white on rice in a snowstorm.


  2. Well thanks killermuffin! I hope you'll find my blog interesting and helpful in your video game adventures. I'll be following your tales of meth, Minecraft, and more as well!
    Tell your friends about me, and tell their friends about me!