Thursday, January 27, 2011

Downloadable Crap

Ok, so this was about to be a neat little post about all the great looking games coming out this year, but then something caught my attention. Yeah DLC. And not just any DLC. The kind of DLC that devs release maybe...oh, 2 FUCKING DAYS AFTER THE GAME JUST HIT STORES? This just happened with Dead Space 2, with some lame ass DLC. But It also happened to Dragon Age. This kind of stuff is getting a little ridiculous. I'm all for new content for games, but the price that some companies make you pay for that stuff which might've taken the devs only a day or two to put together (I'm looking at you Call of Duty) is grossly disproportionate. I don't mind for paying for some DLC now and then, but Valve seems to now whats going on, with all the free game updates and whatnot. However then Mann Co. Update was a bit ridiculous and their trading thing kinda ruined Team Fortress 2 for me.
But in short, if devs want to have DLC then don't make the prices so steep, you've already made a lot of money from the game and the temptation of nice free DLC might entice more gamers to play the game and get the full experience. Also stop putting out DLC 2 days after the game releases when you could have just easily put it in with the entire game
What do you guys think?


  1. fking a man I hate it when developers do this. The worst one would have to be left 4 dead 2 by far. Its an expansion for a cs mod and its selling at full price.

  2. I think DLCs are a bunch of bullshit. Companies like Ubisoft with Assassins Creed have it right with their free DLCs.
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  3. I'm with ya 100%. I don't mind if publishers want to release some free DLC to please the fans or fix a bug, but the fact that they would release this a couple of days after the reason just insults their customers.

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  4. DLC should always be 100% free in my opinion, it's stupid if they charge for it.

  5. DLC should be available for free 100%