Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Game ideas

So I was doing a bit of thinking, rather than studying for upcoming tests and labs when I remembered this idea this one person had about a game idea. So here it is:
So you find yourself in this place, that you don't know how you got to or where it even is but there is this central figure in this area that seems. After you do a little exploran/platforman/fightan the level changes on you to some other level, but that guy still makes some kind of appearance in that level. Your character begins to assume that they're in some kind of dream world and that you've been sent to kill them. There are several area changes each focusing on a different aspect of the human mind (maybe). Your character slowly begins to slowly unravel, becoming more and more crazed in his desperation to kill this figure. Then in a sudden plot twist, when everything is too late you realize that this mysterious figure has actually been sent to kill you and has tricked you into doing the dirty work for him.

Its far from perfect and far from complete, but I feel like I need to put into actual words and then I'll work from there.
Tell me what you guys think and how it could get better. Please!


  1. Wow! I think that'd be a great idea for a plot of a video game, or even a movie, or anything! I like it! Supporting!

  2. innovative thoughts bro.

    supporting and following.

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  4. Sounds interesting, but it would need a lot of work if you really wanted to make such a game.

    The concept is brilliant though.

    Like someone else said, it would be a good movie^^

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    I also followed you, I want to see more of your stuff, pretty fun to read.