Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Many people have played Oblivion and I think Morrowind gets a lot of crap from people who have just played Oblivion. That was me. But the PC is a marvelous thing indeed and several mods let you make Morrowind FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. I mean hot damn. Look at that crap.
Now I know exactly what you're thinking, bullshit Jules, there is no fucking way you can make a game look like that. Trust me. This is for real.
You can get the full modlist/guide over here:
With that mod, Morrowind is definitely worth a reinstall. The only catch is, it doesn't fix the godawful combat system of Morrowind.
Happy gaming!


  1. hot damn indeed Jules

  2. I love Morrowind's combat system.

    There is a mod called 'combat enhanced' that is supposed to make Morrowind's combat better. I didn't like it personally, but it's worth looking into if you're one of the people who dislikes how it is in the vanilla game.

    Nice of you to link me, anyway.